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Service Contracts

As mentioned in our Customer Support section, our fleet of Service Vans are fully equipped, also with the latest communication equipment, ensuring our valued clients a maximum 24 hour response time to service call-outs. 

The warranty period on new Thetford equipment is six months from the date of installation.  However, this can be extended to twelve months if a routine service contract is taken out with us at the time of installation.  If this is so, throughout the 12 month servicing schedule (price on application), we will carry out two, 4-monthly services and one major service, thus ensuring that the machine is adjusted and operating at maximum efficiency. 

On arrival, the Thetford Engineer will make contact with the person in charge to obtain, if required, permits to work.  The work area will then be made safe to prevent staff and pedestrians from coming too close.  All of our engineers are fully trained and equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, so will ensure that the equipment to be worked on is isolated and safe prior to work commencing.  Once finished, the engineer will remove all used equipment and will leave the work site area tidy.  Finally, the work sheet needs signing by an authorised signatory to confirm that the work has been completed to their satisfaction. 

We also offer a Fully Inclusive Service and Maintenance Contract on all of our machines. The length of this varies but includes all call-out and maintenance costs, routine servicing and replacement parts. This contract is again price on application, so please contact our Service Department for further details. 


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