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Traversing Waste Compactors

Traversing waste compactors are industrial quality machines which compress rubbish by use of weights and pressure to make it occupy a smaller amount of space. 

Squeezing waste materials into small units makes disposal more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Less storage space is required and fewer, waste collections are needed to take the rubbish away. The process ultimately saves space and time – both where the waste is generated and at the final landfill destination.


Traversing waste compactors are available in various different forms, and key options include:

  • Side loading, sliding door
  • Gull wing hopper and steps
  • Rear off dock loading with rear loading hopper and handrails
  • Rubber wheeled drive system
  • Wheelie bin lifter and side loading hopper

Key features of a traversing waste compactor

The traversing system can be fitted to most of the Thetford International compactor range and can then be assembled to run on twin rails set in concrete or on rubber wheels which run on a flat concrete surface.

The power supply can be via an elevated system supported on posts and strung across the site or by a more discrete low level cable reel system.

Waste compactors are capable of compressing a large volume of waste materials into a relatively small space and are easy to load as well as simple to use; ensuring waste management can be undertaken with minimal effort.

Why businesses need traversing waste compactors

As well as reducing the size of waste materials and the storage space they take up before they are disposed of, a waste compactor can also bring benefits to businesses by reducing the cost of waste transportation by making the need for collections far less frequent.

Additionally, businesses gain more than simply a smoother and more efficient waste disposal service; they also add eco-friendly green credentials to their profile. 

Environmental benefits of traversing waste compactors

There are many environmental benefits produced by traversing waste compactors but the main one is that smaller amounts of waste take up less space when they finally go to landfill sites. Also fewer waste collections can mean less of the harmful emissions associated with heavy good vehicles as the consumption of fuels is markedly lower. Traversing waste compactors are energy efficient to use too so you don’t have to worry about eco benefits being offset by the power used to operate them. 
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