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The THETFORD T3R2+ compactor is a rugged and robust machine designed to accomodate the complete range of power options of 7.5kw (10HP), 11kw (15HP), 15kw (20HP) and 22kw (30HP), with thrust from 125mm (5”), 150mm (6”) or 180mm (7”) Cylinders.  These come in a multitude of options from single cylinder to twin cylinder options with a wide range of achieveable cycle times. 

The T3R2+ compactors have proximity switches fitted for forward, back, pinning strokes and malfunction eliminating the use of mechanical limit switches.

This model of compactor comes in the option of being T3R2+XL (Extra Long) which means the charge box is longer and able to handle and compact more material in one go.  Alternatively and available is the option of a T3R2+LP (Longer Penetartion) version of this compactor which enables the packing of the material further into the container and preventing material spillage when the container is removed. The frame is constructed from high grade steel with a 12mm chargebox floor plate, 15mm platen base plate and 20mm platen top plate, with structural members from hollow box section and rolled steel channels. Options include a Nylatron platen base wear plate for use with paper trim etc or additional steel floor and platen top overlay wear plates for high wear applications. It can be supplied with any type of Hopper or Chute, Side/Rear Loader attachments, internal or external power pack, left or right hand loading and Controls to suit any specific requirements.

All Thetford equipment complies with the Health & Safety at Work Act.

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