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Static Waste Compactors

Static waste compactors are machines used by a range of different businesses and industries to compress rubbish in order to make dealing with it more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly. 

By using weights and pressure to effectively compact waste material together, the results take up less space and are easier to handle in terms of storage and the number of collections required. The process also helps relieve pressure on landfill sites.

Static waste compactors are available in various different forms, and key options include:

  • Longer charge boxes
  • Spillage prevention measures
  • Hopper and chute options
  • Left or right hand loading

Key features of a static waste compactor

Static waste compactors are capable of compressing a large volume of waste materials into a much smaller physical space. Key features of the products include the structural stability of the machinery itself as well as high safety requirements and ease of operation. 

Many waste compactors are easy to load as well as easy to use and this ensures that businesses are able to take care of their waste simply and in a straightforward way. 

Some compactors will feature loading chutes depending on requirements and structural viability comes from hollow box section and rolled steel channels, with options for Nylatron platen base wear plates or additional steel floor and platen top overlay wear plates.

Thorough maintenance and servicing are also key features of these machines with Thetford International.

Why businesses need static waste compactors

A static waste compactor can bring a wide range of benefits for businesses across the spectrum. By reducing the cost of waste transportation, waste collections at work sites will be required far less frequently. On-site storage space issues are also reduced because of the smaller footprint of the materials as they await disposal.

Additionally, businesses gain a smoother and more efficient waste disposal service which is eco-friendly and this is a particularly important part of all commercial considerations today. The impact on landfill sites are also lessened, which has far-reaching benefits for the entire community.

Environmental benefits of static waste compactors

There are many environmental benefits produced by waste compactors. The central bonus point is the fact that compacted waste takes up less space in landfill sites, but more than this it also leads to fewer waste collections and therefore cuts down on harmful emissions from heavy duty road vehicles, with a further knock-on effect being the reduction in the consumption of fuels.

Static waste compactors ensure that each stage of the operation is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible as they are highly energy efficient in themselves.




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