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Demountable Waste Compactors

Demountable waste compactors are machines which offer a solution to the need for temporary on-site waste management systems across a wide spectrum of industries.

By offering the ability to compress rubbish to make it more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly to dispose of, a demountable waste compactor can be placed in any suitable location offering a fully flexible range of options.

The machines themselves use weights and the resulting pressure to effectively squeeze and compact waste materials together, therefore making it take up less physical space. This makes it easier to store and dispose of the waste and ultimately leads to a reduction in the amount of space taken up at the final landfill destination.

Demountable waste compactors are available in various different forms, and key options include:

  • Flexibility in site location
  • Various size and capacity options
  • Fitted with a range of hoppers
  • Fully reversible in transit
  • Effective against leakage

Key features of a demountable waste compactor

Thetford International’s demountable (or roll on/roll off) waste compactors can be can be sited simply in a required area. They have the advantage of being an integral compactor and container which can be manufactured in various sizes. The units can be fitted with a range of hoppers to include open top tipa-skip or fork truck loading. They can be fully enclosed for hand loading, fitted with a bin loader attachment or have the option of being positioned for loading in reverse.

Key features of the products include the structural stability of the machinery itself as well as high safety requirements and easy operation. All Thetford International equipment also complies with the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974).

Why businesses need waste compactors

As well as reducing the size of waste materials and cutting down on the storage space costs prior to disposal, a waste compactor can benefit businesses by reducing the cost of waste transportation as well the frequency of collections.

Additionally, businesses can gain a smoother and more efficient waste disposal service which is green and energy-efficient. Smaller waste equates to less space taken up in landfill sites and this has far-reaching benefits for all.

Environmental benefits of waste compactors

The central environmental benefit of using a waste compactor is that the smaller the waste is, the less space it ends up taking up at landfill sites. Also less frequent waste collections mean fewer harmful emissions and a reduction in the overall consumption of fuels for heavy duty road vehicles.

Waste compactors ensure each stage of the disposal operation is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible – and this is good news all round.



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