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Waste Compactors

Waste compactors are industrial machines which compress rubbish to make it more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly to dispose of. 

They use weights and pressure to effectively squeeze (or compact) waste material together so that it takes up less physical space. This makes it easier to store and dispose of waste materials as less storage space is required and fewer collections are needed. It also reduces the space taken up in landfill.

Waste compactors are available in various different forms, and key options include:

  • Static waste compactors
  • Portable waste compactors
  • Demountable waste compactors
  • Traversing waste compactors
  • Transfer station compactors

Key features of a waste compactor

Waste compactors are capable of compressing a large volume of waste materials into a relatively small space. Key features of the products include the structural stability of the machinery itself as well as high safety requirements and easy operation. 

Many waste compactors are easy to load as well as easy to use, and this ensures that businesses are able to take care of their waste with minimal effort. Some compactors will feature loading chutes and many units are constructed from high quality steel to ensure durability. 

There is a great deal of variance in the power or force used by different waste compactors but most units are low-noise options to avoid causing disruption to workers. Thorough maintenance and servicing are also key features of these machines.

Why businesses need waste compactors

As well as reducing the size of waste materials and the storage space they take up prior to disposal, a waste compactor can also benefit businesses by reducing the cost of waste transportation. Waste collections at work sites will be required far less frequently when using compactors and this has a knock-on effect on the prices associated with the process.

Additionally, businesses gain a smoother and more efficient waste disposal service which is eco-friendly – thus boosting their green credentials. Smaller waste equates to less space taken up in landfill sites and this has far-reaching benefits for all involved.

Environmental benefits of waste compactors

There are many environmental benefits produced by waste compactors but the central idea is that the smaller waste takes up less space in landfill sites. Additionally, fewer waste collections can mean fewer harmful emissions (as there are less vehicles on the road) and equate to a reduction in the consumption of fuels.

Waste compactors are energy efficient to use too – ensuring that each stage of the operation is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.


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