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Tyre Blocker

Tyre blockers are specialised from of waste compactor specifically designed to deal with old and used motor vehicle tyres.

Thetford International have been manufacturing waste compactors and waste handling equipment for over four decades and now we have introduced a tyre blocker for compacting old and used tyres into blocks for economical transportation and re-use in other engineering areas. 

As a complimentary part of our industrial machine range, the tyre blocker compresses waste materials to make them more cost-efficient when it comes to disposal.

When any type of waste is treated and processed to take up less physical space it means that savings can be made on both storage and transportation costs.

Tyre blocker key options include:
  • Compacting tyres of all sizes
  • Processing 440 tyres per hour
  • Providing end use materials for many functions

Key features of a tyre blocker

Any waste compactor is capable of compressing a large volume of materials into a relatively small space. Key features of the products include the structural stability of the machinery itself as well as high safety requirements and easy operation. 

Tyre blockers weigh approximately 0.8 tonnes and can contain up to 110 old tyres.  The resultant blocks have many uses in landfill sites, flood defence, in-fill, riverbank renewal, sea defences, commercial and military uses.  

The Thetford International tyre blocker can process 440 tyres per hour and will accept car tyres of all mixed sizes with also some light commercial vehicle tyres. 

Why businesses need tyre blockers

A business that needs to take care of a large volume of used tyres for disposal will benefit from a tyre blocker.

As well as reducing the size of the waste materials and the storage space they take up prior to disposal, a tyre blocker can recycle waste for use in many ways such as in shore and river erosion sea defence projects, sub-base material for road construction and car parks, acoustic treatments, land reclamation, farm flock management and explosion protection.

Environmental benefits of tyre blockers

Businesses that have a smooth and efficient waste disposal service which is also eco-friendly boost their green credentials, and any involvement in large scale recycling projects can only bring benefits to both commercial activities and the wider community at large.

Any reduction in transportation frequency for waste removal leads to less use of carbon-emitting fuels and helps reduce overall carbon footprints. Recycling waste materials helps relieve pressure on landfill sites too.
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