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Free Standing Loaders

Free standing loaders are industrial machines which allow bins, small carts or containers to be picked up from ground or any dock level and inverted to discharge their contents into waste disposal containers or compactors.

Using these efficient waste management systems on-site mean a business can save money in outlays for outsourced disposal methods.

The lifting frames of loaders may vary in design according to requirements. Most sizes of both open and lidded carts from 120-litre to 1350-litre capacity can be accommodated.  Safety screens and interlocked gates are provided for the protection of personnel.

By careful use of on-site waste management procedures, less storage space is required and fewer collections are needed. It also reduces the space taken up in landfill when compactors are used as part of the programme.

Free standing loaders are available in various different forms, and key options include:
  • Boss, comb and sequential lift options
  • Use on ground or any dock level
  • Discharge contents into a compactor hopper or Conveyor
  • Compatible with open, lidded, dolav and customer specific carts

Key features of a free standing loader

Loading waste materials into transport vessels or compactors requires specialist loaders and Thetford International has a range that suits every situation. Safety screens and interlocked gates are provided for the protection of personnel and all Thetford International equipment complies with the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974).

Key features of the products include the structural stability of the machinery itself as well as high safety requirements and easy operation. Using a suitable waste management system ensures that a business is able to take care of its waste with minimal effort and cuts back on expensive costs. Thorough maintenance and servicing are key features of these machines.

Why businesses need free standing loaders

Any company that deals with large volumes of waste materials on-site needs to be able to empty collection vessels of all sizes quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss./p>

Free standing loaders allow safe operation of the transfer of waste from a vessel to a larger container or compactor to make it ready for shipping to eventual landfill disposal. Having a waste compactor on-site can also benefit businesses by reducing the cost of waste transportation as collections at work sites will be required far less frequently due to the smaller volume of space the waste materials occupy.

Environmental benefits of free standing loaders

A smoother, cleaner and more efficient waste disposal service benefits everyone involved in the business and the wider community too. Safe and secure preparation for transportation to landfill means that eco-friendly practices are adhered to.

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