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Bottle Breaker

The THETFORD Bottle Breaker was conceived and designed to control the destruction of Product in glass containers. There are many applications where this machine will supply an economical and safe solution. Examples of contaminated products, miss labelled products, sell by date expired products, returns, overruns, overfills and under fills etc. The machine consists of a rotor eccentrically mounted in a destruction chamber with a feed hopper and discharge curtain. It is designed to be the operating unit, of which it would also include a feed system, waste product collection and glass recovery. Glass containers down to 45mm diameter can be 100% destroyed.

Technical specification: The Destruction Chamber is fabricated from heavy wall high strength steel, welded and bolted for easy replacement or repair. The rotor is fitted with high tensile steel scroll winders and profiled agitating fingers all mounted on heavy-duty steel section. The drive is supplied by an electric motor through a reduction gearbox to the rotor, which is mounted on proprietary self-aligning bearings. Acoustic panels for maximum noise reduction, are fitted as standard as is an anti-jamming vibration unit.

Options: Conveyor feed can be automated and interlocked using photoelectric units to stop/start the TBB.  Water inlet points for flushing the chamber.  Fail safe and auto reverse, all to E.C Declaration of Conformity.

All Thetford equipment complies with the Health & Safety at Work Act.



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